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API ability question


I have a scenario that i would like to see if your api is possible to handle, or if you have a way that the outcome i require can be achieved with veem.

My business is basically a middle man and i facilitate services between businesses. I guess the same concept as these freelance sites like Upwork, who take a % of the transaction.

So scenario is:

I have 2 businesses that i link up on my website.
They agree on service cost.
They complete service, and payment needs to be paid to the buinesses who carried out the service element.

I wish to charge a % of the transaction fee for facilitating this service.

Is there a way that you can add this charge onto the transaction and when paid the % gets paid to my account and the service transaction cost gets paid to the Business who carried out that servoce.

I guess like a split transaction type funtionallity.

Is this possible ?

Paypal has Split PAyments or what they call "Adaptive PAyments"

Let me know.
Thanks in advance