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Returned payment.requestId no longer reflects the X-Request-Id

The `requestId` field of payment objects returned from `createPayment` and `getPayments` used to reflect the `X-Request-Id` specified when creating the payment. However, the behavior in the sandbox today no longer appears to reflect that; in fact, the same (random) requestId appears for all objects returned from `getPayments`. Is this a bug? We depend on the `X-Request-Id` that we sent to be reflected in the payment object, essentially as a foreign key that we use for internal bookkeeping.

Nodes NPM not working

Hello, THe NPM is not working. Any suggestions?

Callbacks not received

I've setup a callback URL using the webhook.site tool in the "Payment Status Webhooks " area of the Veem sandbox application, and make a payment in the sandbox, id: 58156-Payment, however I didn't receive any webhook callback. Are the webhooks working in the sandbox, or is there something else we need to do?

How are replayed / redundant createPayment requests handled?

If a createPayment request is processed by the server but the response is not received by the client, how do you avoid duplicate payments if the client retries? Is the externalInvoiceRefId used to dedupe replayed requests? If not, is there a mechanism to prevent duplicate requests?

When is approvePayment needed?

Does createPayment always need to be followed by an approvePayment? If not, what is the latter for?

Using 'refresh' token to get a new 'access' token

My sandbox 'access' token is due to expire in the next day or two, i have a 'refresh' token but I can't see how to use it. Every time to go through the AUTH process it just gives me back the original access/refresh pair with an ever decreasing expiry time. How do I refresh this token pair in sandbox, and in production.

sandbox registration page not working?

Per the getting started guide, I went here to try to register as a developer in the sandbox: https://developer.veem.com/page/dev-dashboard-sandbox But the page just comes up blank. Is this broken?

How to add Sender & Receiver Bank Account Information

I want to use this payment gateway for sending/receiving money from any country. so can we use the gateway for that? The documentation is not proper as it is not showing how to add sender/receiver account information to make transaction. also we are not seeing how to add credit/debit card information.

Bearer Token from Refresh Token

I'm using veem in my Marketplace and I'm using it to request payments and send invoice while acting as an escrow. I can't find the API docx for Refresh Token, I'm hoping you can help me with it. Kind Regards, Sheraz

unauthorized grant type

Hi using your cURL example for the two-legged OAuth I am getting the following error: {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"unauthorized grant type: client_credentials"} I have Base64 encoded the tupple of the application.