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Error 500 when Login


Java SDK Build Failed

I followed the README steps on https://github.com/veeminc/veem-java-sdk Running "./gradlew build" resulted 24 out of 47 failed tests. I'm copying one of the

Veem developer password reset

Can you please help reset password?

Refresh Token

How do we get a Refresh Token?

Refresh Token

How do we get a Refresh Token?

Bearer Token from Refresh Token

I'm using veem in my Marketplace and I'm using it to request payments and send invoice while acting as an escrow. I can't find the API docx for Refresh Token, I'm hoping you can help me with it. Kind Regards, Sheraz

How to get user(self) email in the api

We need to display the emails of connected veem accounts in the dashboard. How to get user(self) email of veem account.

how to get timeCreated in payment return

How to get the timeCreated ? Is there any chance to get that ?

Internal Server Error

What are the possible reasons to that error ? cause I test all the possible way in payment using Rest API .

Is it possible to hold amount on Veem for some amount of time then release it.

Hi, I would like to see if your API is feasible to handle holding feature. Scenario : Customer A is receiving $10 from Customer B , so Customer will receive $10 amount in his/her Veem account but Customer B will not be able to use that amount until Customer A release that amount. Customer A can see that $10 transaction in his/her transaction history with status as `hold` or `holding`. When customer B perform specific action then that transaction history status will be changed to `complete` or `done` or `successful`. Please tell me is it feasible to do this with your REST API. Waiting for your reply.