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Get Payment Status vs Webhook Notifications

Hi there, the documentation for the GetPaymentStatus API suggests that we should be calling that endpoint every 30 minutes after a payment has been created. Is it possible to just use webhooks instead? Do the webhooks return the same data as is in the GetPaymentStatus endpoint, or should I be doing both? ie. using the webhook to trigger a call to GetPaymentStatus? Thanks!

When can I cancel a payment?

Is there a point in the sendPayment lifecycle when it becomes too late to cancel the payment through the cancelPayment API?

Verifying Webhooks

Hi there, is there any way we can verify webhooks to ensure they're coming from Veem? As far as I can tell, we're expected to just open up an endpoint and read whatever data comes through. Would be great to have a way to ensure they're legit, and not spam/malicious.

Value is unexpected: 11540

Unable to get the proper error { "code": 50000000, "message": "Value is unexpected: 11540", "timestamp": "2022-07-19T06:46:54.747", "fileName": "VeemResponseHandler.java", "lineNumber": 89 }

Access-Control-Allow-Origin Error

I'm testing the create contact API from my localhost. Is there any way I can add this URL to the VEEM sandbox platform and avoid the CORS error?

Adaptive Payments

Hello Team, We are looking for split transactions, like Adaptive Payments functionality via API can you please help us.


How long does the payments take to be processed

Error 500 when Login


Java SDK Build Failed

I followed the README steps on https://github.com/veeminc/veem-java-sdk Running "./gradlew build" resulted 24 out of 47 failed tests. I'm copying one of the

Veem developer password reset

Can you please help reset password?