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unauthorized grant type

Hi using your cURL example for the two-legged OAuth I am getting the following error: {"error":"invalid_client","error_description":"unauthorized grant type: client_credentials"} I have Base64 encoded the tupple of the application.

wordpress integration

Please let me know if I can integrate Veem to WordPress. if yes, then please send me instruction as soon as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Helal

How to post or sent money to Veem

How to post or sent money to Veem, can use API or how about method

API credentials

How do i get an API Key

Create Quote and Payment

Can I create Quote and Payment using sandbox unverified account?

API ability question

Hi, I have a scenario that i would like to see if your api is possible to handle, or if you have a way that the outcome i require can be achieved with veem. My business is basically a middle man and i facilitate services between businesses. I guess the same concept as these freelance sites like Upwork, who take a % of the transaction. So scenario is: I have 2 businesses that i link up on my website. They agree on service cost. They complete service, and payment needs to be paid to the buinesses who carried out the service element. I wish to charge a % of the transaction fee for facilitating this service. Is there a way that you can add this charge onto the transaction and when paid the % gets paid to my account and the service transaction cost gets paid to the Business who carried out that servoce. I guess like a split transaction type funtionallity. Is this possible ? Paypal has Split PAyments or what they call "Adaptive PAyments" https://www.paypal.com/au/selfhelp/article/which-api-should-i-use-to-split-payments-between-receivers-ts2162/1?channel=MTS Let me know. Thanks in advance

After calling createPayment how will be funds be acquire from sender?

When sender calls createPayment API to create a payment in draft how does the sender provide the fund? Does Veem charge a credit card. debit from bank account?

Java SDK Build Failed

I followed the README steps on https://github.com/veeminc/veem-java-sdk Running "./gradlew build" resulted 24 out of 47 failed tests. I'm copying one of the

Unexpected error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I'm trying to connect to your API using Ruby's OAuth2 gem (https://github.com/oauth-xx/oauth2). I've created an account in the sandbox here, and followed the process as well as I can understand from the documentation. It appears that I'm receiving a token, but when I make a request with it, I get back the subject line. More accurately: {"code":100,"message":"Unexpected error has occurred. We apologize for the inconvenience."} Here's the series of commands I'm sending: client = OAuth2::Client.new('<client_id>', '<client_secret>', site: 'https://sandbox-api.veem.com') client.auth_code.authorize_url(redirect_uri: 'http://localhost:3000/oauth2/callback') token = client.client_credentials.get_token(redirect_uri: 'http://localhost:3000/oauth2/callback', headers: {'Authorization' => 'Basic <Base64-encoded client_id:client_secret>'}) response = token.post('/veem/v1.1/payments', params: {'notes' => 'Delivery bill', 'payee' => {'type': 'Business', 'firstName': 'Joe', 'lastName': 'Doe', 'businessName': 'BAC Inc.', 'countryCode': 'US', 'email': '[email protected]', 'phone': '19052333333'}, 'payeeAmount': {'currency': 'USD', 'number': '1000'}, 'purposeOfPayment': 'Goods'}, headers: {'X-Request-Id': '3b6a6436-561d-4643-9f83-ce837999213a'}) Any assistance you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks, Aaron