Get Payment Status

Once money is sent, users can retrieve the payment to check on its status using the id field that is included in the response. The schema of the createPayment and getPayment responses are exactly the same. For Example:



Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

X-Request-Id can be any string, but it must be unique for each different transaction you do using the same account. We recommend generating this value as a GUID, and save it for reference. You cannot create two different payments using the same X-Request-Id value, if you try it, you simple get the date for the first payment created using that value.

    "notes": "Delivery Bill",
    "payee": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "countryCode": "US",
        "phone": "tel:+1-613-998-7705"
    "payeeAmount": {
        "number": 1001.4,
        "currency": "USD"
    "status": "Sent",
    "id": 53656,
    "exchangeRate": {
        "fromAmount": 1001.4,
        "fromCurrency": "USD",
        "toAmount": 1001.4,
        "toCurrency": "USD"
    "feeInformation": {
        "payerInfo": {
            "originalAmount": 1001.40,
            "feeAmount": 0.0,
            "totalAmount": 1001.40,
            "currency": "USD"
    "claimLink": ""

A payment's status will update a few times until it's completed. We recommend that you check on the status of a payment every 30 min after it's created.

The following table describes the various payment status values:

DraftedPayment is in drafted state and requires further updates.
SentThe payment has been sent to the receiver/payee.
PendingAuthThe payment is in pending authorization by Veem.
AuthorizedThe payment has been authorized and is ready for processing. The money will be withdrawn from sender's bank.
InProgressThe payment has been initiated and receiver will be receiving money shortly.
CompleteThe payment is complete and the receiver should have received the money.
CancelledThe payment has been cancelled by the sender/payer.
ClosedThe payment has been closed by Veem by request from the sender, or receiver, or due to an error with the payment.